TuxMake with Debian

Speaker: Senthil Kumaran S

Track: Embedded & Kernel

Type: Long talk (45 minutes)

Room: Ponmudi

Time: Sep 12 (Tue): 11:30

Duration: 0:45

TuxMake, is a command line tool and Python library that provides portable and repeatable Linux kernel builds across a variety of architectures, toolchains, kernel configurations, and make targets. TuxMake is a part of TuxSuite, a suite of tools and services to help with Linux kernel development.

This talk will explore the usage of Debian within the TuxMake project and the multiple architecture support which Debian provides, which in turn makes it possible to build a system like TuxMake.

Audience: This talk is intended for developers who are interested in building Linux kernel for more than one architecture (cross compile) with ease. It will showcase how Debian’s multi-architecture support helps in creating containers with necessary tooling for cross compilation.


  1. Learn to use TuxMake for Linux kernel builds in Debian
  2. Cross compile Linux kernel with multiple architecture
  3. Avoid complex installation and managing of cross compilation tools within a developer box


  1. Introduction to TuxMake
  2. TuxMake internals with Debian containers
  3. Installation and usage of TuxMake
  4. Portable and repeatable builds with TuxMake
  5. TuxMake on the cloud for large scale build automation (TuxSuite)