Long talk (45 minutes) Speakers
Adulting Enrico Zini
A declarative approach to Linux networking with Netplan Lukas Märdian
From 5 to 100: The Debian Brasília Community's Story Arthur Diniz, et al.
Why Debian Jose M Calhariz
My life in git, after subversion, after CVS. Jose M Calhariz
Opening Ceremony Sruthi Chandran
Teams, newcomers and numbers Andreas Tille
Opportunity Open Source conference in the IIT Mandi, India: Motivating people to be a part of us! Till Kamppeter
Intro to SecureDrop, a sort-of Linux distro Kunal Mehta
State of Stateless - A Talk about Immutability and Reproducibility in Debian Arun Mani J & Ragul R
The New Architecture for Printing and Scanning on Debian Till Kamppeter
Software Heritage: building a community to safeguard the Software Commons Nicolas Dandrimont
Isar - Building Images with the Power of Debian Baurzhan Ismagulov & Tobias Schaffner
Using FOSS to fight for Digital Freedom Radhika Jhalani & Orendra Singh
C Lightning Talks Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Live Demos & Lightning Talks Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Open Source Tools for Research Ramprakash S
Bits from the DPL Jonathan Carter
The year of Linux On Desktop^WMobile devrtz
What's new in the Linux kernel (and what's missing in Debian) Ben Hutchings
Debian Experience & Outreachy Project: Improve yarn package manager integration with Debian. Michael Ikwuegbu & Israel Galadima
A beginner's guide to debian packaging Ravi Dwivedi
C Designing for Debian and DebConf Abraham Raji
My journey with homelabing with freenas, proxmox, pfsense and 2nd hand hardware... Saswata Sarkar
Uplifting the gross roots using FOSS communities Vijayalakshmi
Automated vulnerability patching at scale in Debian T K Sourab
Java and FIPS Pushkar Kulkarni & Vladimir Petko
Home Automation using Free Software Abhas Abhinav
TuxMake with Debian Senthil Kumaran S
A Guided Tour to Debian Installer Development Alper Nebi Yasak
Usability Report for the Debian Installation Process Giuliana Bouzon, et al.
Private meeting Lucas Kanashiro
Past and future changes to the Debian web pages Thomas Lange
Short talk (20 minutes) Speakers
C Mapping the Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts using Open Data GIS Mercy Onaopemipo Akintola
Debian Reimbursement Web Application Stefano Rivera
Gomti: A collection of PLL-based True RNG on FPGA NIIBE Yutaka
Community building in Free Software and focusing on DEI Kristi Progri
Freexian Meetup Stefano Rivera, et al.
Closing Ceremony Akash Santhosh
C Migrating veteran FOSS projects to a modern workflow Anurag Thakur
Bits from Brazil Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
GNOME community and ways to engage. Kristi Progri
C RISC-V meets Information Design: the Interactive "Sliderules" Instruction Set Architecture Cheatsheets Jayaraj J
Meet (part of) the Ubuntu Server team Sergio Durigan Junior, et al.
Digital security with Free Software Vignesh & Kiran S Kunjumon
C Unnecessarily complicating your Debian mirror setup for fun and frustration Gerjan Lleshaj
Sustainable Digital Intervention in Tribal and Remote areas of Andhra Pradesh using Freedom Box. Sripath Roy Koganti
Turn your spare laptop or any other device as a server Orendra Singh & Vignesh
Introduction to Proxmox Virtual Environment for home labs and beyond Chirag Sukhala
Quick peek at ZFS, A too good to be true file system and volume manager. Chirag Sukhala
Debian: Resistance is Futile Joenio Marques da Costa
The Docker(.io) ecosystem in Debian Lucas Kanashiro
Empower Your Users to Manage custom Debian Repository David Heidelberg
Map Kerala Initiative Manoj Karingamadathil
Hello from keyring-maint Jonathan McDowell
New Member BOF Jonathan McDowell, et al.
C Impact of MiniDebConf in our campus. Kathara
What's missing so that Debian is finally reproducible? Mattia Rizzolo
C Sustainable solutions for self-hosting Ravi Dwivedi
Digital Rights are Human Rights Radhika Jhalani
Chiselled containers Vladimir Petko & Pushkar Kulkarni
How many mobile Linux developers does it take to .... devrtz
Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction Jonathan McDowell
Forming a SSH Cluster using old smartphones (Mobian and other OSes) - Sustainable Computing Suraj Kumar Mahto
BoF (45 minutes) Speakers
LXQt Team Bof Andrew Lee
DebConf committee BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
Meet the Technical Committee Sean Whitton, et al.
DebConf bursary team BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
Debian.net team BoF Stefano Rivera & Jonathan Carter
debian.social BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
C DebConf 25: In your city? Stefano Rivera, et al.
DebConf 24 BoF & DebConf 25: In your city? Stefano Rivera, et al.
Python BoF Stefano Rivera, et al.
Debian Brasil BoF Carlos Henrique Lima Melara
Debian Med BoF Nilesh Patra & Andreas Tille
Chatting with ftpmasters Andreas Tille
C DebianArt: Collaborating on Design and Art for Debian Campaigns Valessio Brito
Live Coding for art, sound and visuals Joenio Marques da Costa & Valessio Brito
Ruby team BoF Lucas Kanashiro & Utkarsh Gupta
Debian Contributors shake-up Tássia Camões Araújo & Enrico Zini
Salsa CI BoF Santiago Ruano Rincón
Debian Treasurer BoF Héctor Orón Martínez
Local Groups BoF Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Face-to-face Debian meetings in a climate crisis Tássia Camões Araújo, et al.
use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group Joenio Marques da Costa & intrigeri
Debian Diversity BoF Rhonda D'Vine
/usr-merge BoF Helmut Grohne & Stefano Rivera
Localization of Mobile Linux Arun Mani J, et al.
When do News become too old? Thomas Lange
Poetry Event Joost van Baal-Ilić
EU Legislation BoF - Cyber Resilience Act, Product Liability Directive and CSAM Regulation ilu
Workshop (2h) Speakers
Live packaging workshop Andreas Tille
Live Coding tools on Debian: How to install and setup Joenio Marques da Costa & Mari Moura
Debian Installer: Text Adventure Alper Nebi Yasak
Other Speakers
Live Coding: Atelier permanent (art, experimentation, engineering) Joenio Marques da Costa & Mari Moura
Group photo Aigars Mahinovs
Job Fair Sruthi Chandran
Eu Legislation workgroup ilu
Statement by the Project Leader Jonathan Carter