RISC-V meets Information Design: the Interactive "Sliderules" Instruction Set Architecture Cheatsheets

Speaker: Jayaraj J

Track: Other

Type: Short talk (20 minutes)

The RISC-V ISA specification PDFs are sometimes not so friendly to beginners, and retrieving specific transversal information is at times a bit cumbersome. We introduce a solution: the “Sliderules” Cheatsheets, which is an ultra-beginner friendly source of detailed documentation about the RISC-V ISA. Thanks to a careful 2D layout and alignment of the ISA information, hence the name “Sliderules”, the original RV32IMAC static cheatsheets were designed with the idea of making students “play” an assembler, enabling them to quickly convert assembly to binary and back. Unfortunately, the original RV32IMAC project is not version controlled and particularly human-error-prone, and thus difficult to maintain: thanks to an ongoing LFX/RISC-V Mentorship program, the project is currently in the process of being ported to the web as an interactive application, while also being expanded to RV64GC.