Debian Installer: Text Adventure

Speaker: Alper Nebi Yasak

Track: Other

Type: Workshop (2h)

Room: Chembra

Time: Sep 16 (Sat): 15:30

Duration: 1:20

Bring your laptop and let’s tinker on the Debian Installer together!

I intend this workshop to be one where you can start working on the installer with a small project, and ask me for help if you get stuck. I think doing small projects on subjects you are interested in is a very effective way to learn. The installer has a workable user interface that can ask different types of questions, so the most obvious idea I could think of is to turn it into a text adventure game.

But there’s a lot of other things you might want to do with the installer instead – that’s the real adventure. Think of something you’d like the installer to do and try implementing it!