Radhika Jhalani

Radhika is currently a Counsel at SFLC.in. Prior to this, she was Digital Defender fellow at SFLC.in. She graduated in Philosophy from Hindu College and did her Law from Delhi University in 2019. She is passionate about culture, environment, and mental health apart from technology and human rights. She previously ran operations for an online film archive.

Accepted Talks:

Using FOSS to fight for Digital Freedom

This talk will focus on using Free Software to fight against digital authoritarianism. We live in a world where digital rights are slowly becoming human rights. There are tools which are needed to fight against this quick takeover of our digital lives. Example of this is the open-source website internetshutdowns.in which was created as an open-source tool and is perhaps the only real-time tracker of Internet shutdowns in the world. During COVID we saw, many governments coming up with contact tracking apps that would steal the data of citizens without any privacy-protecting ways. Open source mandates can really work to counter these.

Digital Rights are Human Rights

In an increasingly digital world where we are virtually accessing all of our rights, it is important to understand the transition of the transfer of power and rights. Privacy, Access, and Free Speech are basic rights that need to be available in our digital realm. They are also ideas that need to be reflected by design in product choices.

This talk will focus on sensitizing the general audience to why we need these values to be refected in our tech designs and decisions. This exercise can act as a sensitization exercise to the audience at large.