I love doing technical work and I didn't have a chance to do much of it in Debian lately, so you'll likely hear me talk mostly about community related issues, despite how much I'd love to discuss how I think ansible should be redesigned, or creative approaches to human/computer interaction.

Accepted Talks:


Although Debian has just turned 30, in my experience it has not yet fully turned adult: we sometimes squabble like boys in puberty, like children we assume that someone takes care of paying the bills and bringing out the trash, we procrastinate on our responsibilities and hope nobody notices.

At the same time, we cannot assume that people have the energy and motivation to do what is needed to keep the house clean and the boat afloat: Debian is based on people volunteering, and people have diverse and changing reasons to be with us, and private lives, loved ones and families, bills to be paid.

I want to start figuring out how to address practical issues around the sustainability of the Debian community, in a way that fits the needs and peculiarities of the Debian community.

The end does not justify the means: really, the means define what the end will be. I want to talk about the means: how to be sustainable, how to be interesting, how to be fun, how to have a community worth caring for, how to last for centuries

Freexian Meetup

Meet-up for the Freexian collaborators at DebConf

Curious about Freexian and/or Debian ELTS? Feel free to join the discussion.

Debian Contributors shake-up

The Debian Contributors Website turns 10 this year, and keeping the data sources that feed it up to date is still an open issue. This can be a BoF/QA/hack session on the website, corresponding wiki & salsa, as well as an effort to get teams involved into the data mining task. For everyone that cares about giving proper credit for Debian contributions of all kinds: come along and help!

New Member BOF

Debian Account Managers, New Member Front Desk members, Application Managers, Applicants and everyone interested can join in a discussion about how the New Member process works and how it can be made better