Helmut Grohne

Debian developer; Freexian collaborator; cross building porter; architecture bootstrap maintainer

Accepted Talks:

Freexian Meetup

Meet-up for the Freexian collaborators at DebConf

Curious about Freexian and/or Debian ELTS? Feel free to join the discussion.

Meet the Technical Committee

An opportunity to meet the members of the Debian Technical Committee who are in attendance at DebConf, hear the status of open issues, and discuss pending and future issues.

/usr-merge BoF

The /usr-merge still is an unfinished transition. Finishing it proves to be a difficult problem. A debian-devel@lists.debian.org discussion has captured the relevant sub-problems and gathered some consensus on a way forward. Helmut will give a short update on the state of affairs and then we’ll move into discussion. Attendees are asked to read DEP17 ahead of time in order to use time for questions effectively.