Research Software Engineer at Université Gustave Eiffel, member of laboratory Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés (LISIS), back-end developer on the projects Research Infrastructure for Science, technology and Innovation policy Studies (RISIS) and CorTexT Platform, Debian contribuidor, Analizo maintainer, dublang creator.

Accepted Talks:

Live Coding: Atelier permanent (art, experimentation, engineering)

A permanent room (or at least one table with identification and space for 5 people, sound and screen) available every day afternoon for 4h every day including DebCamp and DebConf. The goal is to use this space as a permanent laboratory for art creation, technical experimentation and engineering around Live Coding tools and technique. The expected output can vary among the options: a) A new piece of art 100% made by Debian, b) A technical solution improving Debian for Live Coding (for eg a new package) and c) Something else.

Live Coding tools on Debian: How to install and setup

Important: Please, bring your headphones.

This workshop is focused on Live Coding tools on Debian, the goal is to help the participants on how to install and setup Live Coding tools, like, Tidal Cycles, Sonic Pi, Hydra, SuperCollider, csound, puredata, Jack audio, PipeWire, and others.

Debian: Resistance is Futile

This is not a regular talk.

In this talk you’ll see a Live Coding performance with sounds and visuals being generated in realtime by live programming using dublang tool -

Live Coding for art, sound and visuals

This is a call to people interested on live coding (to produce sound and visuals) to meet and discuss the topic Live Coding on Debian. This is the 2nd BoF on this topic, last year we have done the 1st BoF at DebConf22, and now we would like to advance on this topic to bring more people interested on Live Coding and people interested on collaboration to improve Live Coding tools on Debian.

use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group

The pkg-perl team will again take the opportunity to meet in person for discussing current topics and planning future work.

Items for discussion and work are collected at