Kathara is a passionate free software enthusiast and core coordinator of our college's Free and Open Source Software Cell. My commitment to open source led me to contribute to the core team of the Mini Debian Conference, representing our college's FOSS cell. I believe in the power of community-driven development and strive to ignite the passion for open source among our campus community.

Cancelled Talks:

Impact of MiniDebConf in our campus.

The MiniDebConf organized by our college’s FOSS cell team had a remarkable impact on our campus community. Students gained a deep understanding of FOSS and Debian, leading to a noticeable increase in the adoption of open-source software. The event facilitated valuable connections with experts and enthusiasts in the open-source field, inspiring students to actively engage with the global FOSS community. Direct interactions with Debian developers further motivated students to contribute actively to open-source projects. The MiniDebConf’s success encourages the continuation of initiatives promoting collaboration and open-source development on campus. The event’s positive influence on students’ software preferences highlights its significance in fostering a vibrant FOSS community. Overall, the MiniDebConf empowered open-source enthusiasts, strengthened networks, and promoted a lasting culture of open-source advocacy within our academic environment.