Thomas Lange

Thomas is a Debian Developer since more than 20 years.
He's member of the Debian Cloud team and Web team since several years.
He's always searching for outdated content that can be removed

Sometimes he is installing a bunch of computers using his Fully Automatic Installation.

Accepted Talks:

When do News become too old?

We collect a lot of old content on our web pages. In the past years I’ve already removed outdated content. But there’s still mroe to do. Let’s discuss how long we want too keep old and mostly outdated information on our web pages.

I want to look at multiple parts of our web pages

  • News/
  • News/weekly/
  • News/press/
  • devel/debian-installer/News/
  • releases/
  • security/

The Bof will be held in hotel room 1019

Past and future changes to the Debian web pages

I will talk about what I’ve changed during this and last year on the Debian web site and my future plans to the content of the web site.

Since the beginning of 2022 I’ve deleted more than 4500 files in our web repo. Does anyone miss those web pages? You should not attend if you dislike git rm.