Long-time Debian developer, wrangler of keyrings, fiddler of electronics, part of the New Member team.

Accepted Talks:

Hello from keyring-maint

The usual short update from the Debian Keyring maintainers about the current state of the keyring, as well as an opportunity for project members to ask any queries they might have.

New Member BOF

Debian Account Managers, New Member Front Desk members, Application Managers, Applicants and everyone interested can join in a discussion about how the New Member process works and how it can be made better

Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction

One of DebConf’s recurring activities is the Key Signing Party. It helps Debian strengthen and expand its web of trust. This session will:

  • Explain how keysigning is done in a DebConf setting
  • Validate the SHA256 hash of the KSP coordination document
  • Explain how to participate to people who did not send their keys in time

Once DebConf is closer, we will link from this talk proposal to the relevant documents you should have in hand for the keysigning party.