David is not just a human being but also an IT engineer by accident. He takes pleasure in tackling challenges and striking the right balance between breaking and improving things.

Currently, he dedicates most of his time to Mesa3D and its CI.

Accepted Talks:

Empower Your Users to Manage custom Debian Repository

In this talk, I would like to share how to construct a basic repository that allows your users to partially manage it with ease.

When I suggested utilizing Debian packaging for our CI dependencies, most of the developers declined due to a lack of understanding about Debian packaging. Considering that our image generation already took approximately an hour, I strongly felt the need to implement some form of packaging to reduce the time it takes to assemble containers.

I will discuss the utilization of CI to generate the packages, a Git repository for managing versioning (as we require reproducible package sets), and how to enable developers to easily update their software.