Rhonda D'Vine

Debian Developer, Backports Team, Webmaster Team, Slam Poet, intersectional feminist, activist

Accepted Talks:

debian.social BoF

A meetup of the debian.social team.

How are things going? What next?

Debian Diversity BoF

Let’s sit together once again and check in with respect how we are doing, what we can improve on, and what are potential issues, geopolitical, but also with respect to global right collaborating and bringing forth talking points against diversity as a whole and the threats it might bring towards our community, too

Face-to-face Debian meetings in a climate crisis

There was a time when we were proud to get this many people from this many countries in a conference. Nowadays, even if still amazed about what can be accomplished face-to-face, many of us have mixed feelings regarding our carbon footprint and other many of us refuse to take part in any meeting that involves air travel.

If we are not ready to give up global international meetings altogether, maybe it is time to bring about change in the way we run conferences in order to diminish our impact. Business as usual does not help, and it is clear it adds to the pot!

In this session we will discuss some alternative actions, and with your help, maybe this could lead to a draft recommendation for future Debian meetings.

Note: If you won’t be there and want your ideas to be taken into account, please get in touch by email, and we’ll do our best to raise your voice in the session.