Santiago Ruano Rincón

I did my first contribution to Debian in 2004, and became DD in 2006. I try to take care of some packages, I am part of NM Frontdesk and maintainer of Salsa CI

Accepted Talks:

Freexian Meetup

Meet-up for the Freexian collaborators at DebConf

Curious about Freexian and/or Debian ELTS? Feel free to join the discussion.

Salsa CI BoF

Salsa CI provides an automated framework to build and run common test of debian packages before uploading to the archive. It has become widely used inside Debian, and forked to other distributions and projects.

This BoF would aim at gathering Debian fellows interested on CI. Talk about the current status, new features, how it can be improved, and so on.

New Member BOF

Debian Account Managers, New Member Front Desk members, Application Managers, Applicants and everyone interested can join in a discussion about how the New Member process works and how it can be made better