Sruthi Chandran

A feminist, a librarian turned Free Software advocate and a Debian Developer.

Accepted Talks:

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to DebConf23

DebConf 24 BoF & DebConf 25: In your city?

We have the fine tradition of having DebConf N share their experiences with DebConf N+1. The DebConf committee will also be present and we invite a core member of every team to come around and help with the knowledge transfer.

The session will begin with a DebConf23 presentation.

Also session to discuss possible locations for DebConf25!

We have no official bids for DebConf25, yet.

If you’re interested in hosting DebConf in your city, this is the time to come and present your ideas. They don’t need to be fully fleshed out, but the more detail you have, the more useful discussion we can have.

Job Fair

Our annual job fair during DebConf connects our qualifying sponsors with DebConf participants interested in new professional opportunities.

The Job Fair will be held in the Kuthiran Room (Hotel Ground Floor) on Sunday 10 September 2023 from 13:30 - 15:30 and 17:30 - 18:00.

DebConf committee BoF

Meet the DebConf committee. See and hear us discussing this years and next years’ DebConf. Give us feedback and ask for improvements.