Physicist by profession, married, one own child, two adopted childs, two grandchilds one adopted grandchild (adoptions only possible due to Debian)
start using Debian since 1996, became DD in April 1998, started Debian Med project in 2002, supporting several Blends, joined several DebConfs

Accepted Talks:

Chatting with ftpmasters

In this BoF we want to smoothen the communication process between ftpmaster and developers. The extremely important job of ftpmaster is done by a quite small team. There were some discussions in the past how the process to accept software to the archive might be simplified. There was some attempt to summarise these discussions in the Debian Wiki. The items raised on this Wiki page can be discussed, clarified and enhanced with the goal to simplify the work of the members of the ftpmaster team and to reflect the wishes and needs of the Debian community. I hope many members of the ftpmaster team will either join physically or online.

Teams, newcomers and numbers

Teams in Debian are somehow in flux. In many teams it is not fully clear who is currently contributing or has moved to some other tasks while newcomers might be at the doorstep but have trouble to enter. In teammetrics some numbers where gathered. While these give some hints about the structure of a team, like how many people are effectively contributing and how good the workload is shared between the team members, it also enables interesting insight into the release process in general. This talk tries to present some conclusion from the numbers I’ve drawn specifically for the teams I’m working in. I will also discuss the problem, that in the freeze time before each release the overall activity will decrease.

Live packaging workshop

This workshop is for newcomers who want to learn packaging their very own example of Free Software. Please bring a laptop and a link to some Free Software you want to see packaged for Debian. I will pick one of the examples from the audience that seems to be bearable to deal with in 2h (+x) and I will demonstrate how I would tackle the packaging. This workshop lives from spotting problems in packaging and show how these problems can be solved by working together with the community.

Debian Med BoF

This will be a BoF session for the members of Debian Med team to meet and discuss about ongoing tasks and also future development work. The discussion will be preceded by a short introduction to Debian Med for newcomers and/or other interested folks.