I am a passionate advocate for open knowledge, a digital artist, and a hacker activist. With a background in Social Communication and a postgraduate degree in Free Software Development, I am an active contributor to the Debian project. I have extensive experience in open source technologies and have participated in numerous national and international events. My commitment to creating and sharing knowledge for a fair and equitable society drives me in the free software community.

Accepted Talks:

Live Coding for art, sound and visuals

This is a call to people interested on live coding (to produce sound and visuals) to meet and discuss the topic Live Coding on Debian. This is the 2nd BoF on this topic, last year we have done the 1st BoF at DebConf22, and now we would like to advance on this topic to bring more people interested on Live Coding and people interested on collaboration to improve Live Coding tools on Debian.

Cancelled Talks:

DebianArt: Collaborating on Design and Art for Debian Campaigns

Join this session to connect with artists and designers who are interested in contributing to the visual aspects of the Debian community. Whether you are already involved or looking to get started, this gathering is designed for those interested in improving the graphics and artwork for Debian, including the website, campaigns, and distribution. We’ll discuss recommended open-source software such as Inkscape, Gimp, Krita, Kdenlive, and Blender. Let’s come together to share experiences, exchange tips, and collaborate on projects during or after DebConf. Let’s make a visual impact on Debian’s identity and enhance the overall user experience through design!