Executive member of VGLUG Foundation for a decade.

- FOSS ethusiast
- Python Developer
- Wikimedia Contributor
- Python and Linux Trainer

Accepted Talks:

Uplifting the gross roots using FOSS communities

A Decade work of an FOSS Community now powering up debian

VGLUG FOUNDATION is an active FOSS community which is working for a decade to spread the FOSS technologies among the gross roots of the country. For the past 10 years, community have provided the huge amount of contributions to various open source softwares and open source communities such as Wikimedia, Firefox, KDE, Debian etc., and also empowered the rural people with FOSS and helped them to get rid of their poverty.

VGLUG FOUNDATION have initiated a Support group for Debian. We are training the students from rural background with in and out of Debian and making them as support engineers for Debian operating system.