Joost van Baal-Ilić (1970) is a Debian GNU/Linux user since 1998,
and a Debian Developer since 2000. He is a mathematician, lives in
Tilburg, The Netherlands, works for Tilburg University as a Linux
System Administrator and runs the ad 1810 company
( In his free time, he enjoys art, literature and poetry.

Accepted Talks:

Poetry Event

The almost traditional DebConf Poetry Event.

About previous debconf Poetry events, Rhonda wrote: “During debconf12 in Nicaragua, we met in a bar and had some poetry. It was a great idea that inspired to have one during debconf13 in Switzerland next to the campfire, which also gave it a great ambience. debconf15 in Germany also had one […]”

At previous online debconf20, there was a nice poetry evening, organised by Rhonda. (Video at ). And at online debconf21 there was one.

Let’s do one again at this edition.

“Let’s bring back some written thoughts that are moving.”